Congratulations to Cameron Clark

July 29, 2019

Cameron Clark Background

Come out of A Levels and didn’t feel like going to Uni was crucial at the time for what I want to do in life (Business Management/Marketing)

Joined JLL as an Apprentice in October 2017 working in the Valuation Department as a Property Assistant in Commercial Real Estate working on Client reports, marketing/events and was very soon put in charge of a large-scale project for the Valuation team to be deployed throughout the UK.

My job role hasn’t changed within the organisation since I started but I have taken on a lot more responsibilities including coaching and training new starters/apprentices, management of client events as well as managing other projects within the Valuation department.


  • Time management skills has been essential on delivering client work and project work on time
  • Project management skills were also critical for the new services I was introducing to the department and to ensure their success
  • People management skills – these evolved through practical work as I began to manage and look after new starters
  • Promotion – received the offer of a permanent job role as a Property Assistant in the Valuation department
  • General business/project management skills have dramatically increased in the past 2 years.

Next step / Course Evaluation

Next step will be a combination of focusing on my career within JLL as well as getting a degree in either business management or marketing (still in discussion about these).

The opportunity is also there to complete my Real Estate degree to become a surveyor if I decide to in the future.

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