Congratulations to Ross Pettitt

July 29, 2019

Ross Pettitt’s Background

  • Multiple GCSE’s and BTEC’s at The Appleton School, Seevic College (USP) and within the ATC (Air Training Corps)
  • Have had multiple roles that have changed –
  • Report production; formatting reports, creating maps for reports and finalising with appendices
  • Investment Transaction booklet (current role) – produce monthly booklet containing property information for that month across the sectors with additional info
  • IT Assistance – give assistance with hardware problems around the London offices, including extra projects like Tetris Rebuild on 5th floor, rollout of new monitors and rollout of Windows 10
  • Bank Advisory (current role) – Monitor bank inboxes for fee quote requests and instructions, file these emails, make sure the correct valuers have the corrects information and communicate between the valuers, bank and customer
  • Office 365 (current role) – learning whilst working on office 365, basic admin tasks and some IT aspects


  • Time management and attention to detail
  • Constantly improving on the investment transaction booklet, this is an ongoing project responsibility
  • I feel most of the knowledge and skill I have gained has been from working within my roles and I was then able to apply this to the course however I will take away lots of knowledge of business studies that I did not have beforehand

Next step / Course Evaluation

  • Hopefully moving onto another course to further my knowledge and skills whilst working at JLL
  • I have been moving around many job roles whiles I have been working with JLL but this was not due to the apprenticeship but due to my need to learn new skills

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