Kickstart Support

May 9, 2022

Two Fresh 

ESP have been brilliant in supporting us with our Kickstart recruitment process. They took care of the entire process from start to finish. We took on three excellent candidates who have already made a significant contribution to the company, just two months into their placements. I would highly recommend them to all my business associates. Cey Sesiguzel  

Achieving a dream 

Incredible company, incredible course!  

Just completed my first course and I absolutely loved it! The communication is incredible and whenever I didn’t fully understand something, they were so quick to provide help! Would definitely recommend to anyone! Thank you for helping me achieve my dream 🙂 Stephanie Simpson ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  

On the right track 

In the last 12 months I have had great support and being able to be put on the right track, I have also realised the knowledge, understanding and application opportunities in my role. It’s been a great learning experience to build on my skills and knowledge, which has made me more confident in my role and with my team, brands, stakeholders, and head office, I am able to ask questions with confidence to ensure clarity and vision.   

I enjoyed the classroom sessions at the beginning.  My progression is now positioned well, with this great achievement of a distinction, it sets me apart from other people.  The key thing is to be clear on what results are driving my team, area, and therefore positive outcomes for the organisation.  I think the apprenticeship would be a great thing for my team to participate in.  Trudi Short, DWP 

Stepping out of service into civvy street 

After 16 years’ service, I found myself at a loose end work wise, so got a job I knew I could easily earn money in. Then an old army friend of mine put me in touch with someone at ESP who came from a similar military background. After a few discussions, and a successful interview I joined the ESP team. ESP assisted me in an extensive job shadowing programme, and additional coursework to not only help ease into my role but also grow my own skills. 

Over and above the ELCAS (Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme) discounts for ex-military personnel, ESP offers 20% discount on all its courses not only to ex-military personnel but also to their families. Current ESP staff member 


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