Good news for employers supporting local job seekers

Alison Spratley
May 12, 2022

The good news for both employers and job seekers on benefits, may be found in the UK government’s Sector-based Work Academy Programme (SWAPs).  

Landing your first job can be nerve racking, coupled with the added twist that employers ask for experience, but without the job, it is hard to build up skills and gain more experience. 

For employers, its equally tough. Sifting through applications to find individuals with the right skills, who come with some idea of the industry they are entering, plus hopefully show some workplace experience, all seems a tall ask. 

Job vacancies have risen sharply, and now stand at over 1.3 million in the UK (Office for National Statistics). So, there is the likelihood that many job seekers, first timers or not, may need to retrain and upskill. 

SWAPs give job seekers the opportunity of receiving fully funded training up to six weeks; gain workplace experience whilst learning; and get a guaranteed job interview. 

Whilst the employer has the benefit of hiring individuals who have been sector-based trained, at no cost to the employer; who have gained a sense of what the company does; the first option to hire the individual on a full-time basis, and at the same time support local communities in getting them back into work. 

ESP supplies sector-based training for the SWAPs Programme for locally and nationally based companies in the Greater London, Greater Manchester, and Kent areas. To find out more about a SWAPs course programme for your company, contact ESP’s Matt Carter on 01233-632111 or email