Liverpool City offers residents free training

Alison Spratley
May 30, 2022

Liverpool City offers residents free training

A collaborative effort between the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and professional training provider the Education and Skills Partnership (ESP) is providing residents, living in certain Liverpool City postal codes, access to a free 2.5-day performance management training course.

The Performance Management course is aimed at managers and team leaders, to help them get up to speed in managing team performance, setting, and conducting appraisals, and improving team productivity levels.

To enable the training to be conducted at work or from home, there are various online training sessions available from June through to December 2022. The first group session starts on 9-11 June 2022.

Team Leaders and Managers are encouraged to take up the opportunity and register today. To apply and obtain more information, email or give ESP a call on 01233 632 111.

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