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Is it possible to quit an apprenticeship?

Table of Contents   It’s unfortunate, but sometimes, an apprenticeship just might not work out, no matter how hard you try to make it work. There could be circumstances that arise where you really have…
Alison Spratley
November 30, 2022

Myth Buster Webinar Series

At least 7 out of 10 employers have untapped funds at their disposal to upskill new and existing staff, be they entry level or C-suite. Find out how: your company can tap into available funding…
Alison Spratley
November 29, 2022

Back to me!

People want opportunities to move up and around into different teams and projects.   Learning and Development leaders therefore need to align their focus to the business priorities e.g. career mobility, employee retention, skills and…
Alison Spratley
October 11, 2022

Off-the-job innovative ideas

Table of Contents Apprenticeship off-the-job training – what is it and what activities can you log? Apprenticeships should be treated equally as a job and a learning opportunity. Remember that work-based learning is an important…
Alison Spratley
October 10, 2022

ESP crowned UK’s Apprenticeship Training Provider 2022

The Education & Skills Partnership (ESP) is awarded the UK’s Apprenticeship Training Provider of the year for 2022 award. ESP was established just over seven years ago and has more than doubled its staff complement…
Alison Spratley
October 5, 2022

Changes to apprenticeship rules and funding for employers

Some major apprenticeship rules and funding changes went into effect for the August 2022 to July 2023 year, published by the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).  Here we explain more about the updated rules and how…
Alison Spratley
October 4, 2022

Do your employees stay an average 5.4 years?

Employees who benefit from on-the-job training, stay twice as long as those that don’t. Upskill new and existing staff and retain your talent today. October open group start dates for assisted-funded training programmes: Associate Project Manager …
Alison Spratley
September 27, 2022

More distinctions from our apprenticeship team

At ESP we have a collective of experience, knowledge and skills, and our dedicated Learner & Skills Coaches are with you every step of the way.   And there’s proof to boot. Yet another two of…
Alison Spratley
September 8, 2022

Awarded Best SME in UK

Established just seven years ago, we have: doubled our growth been officially appointed as preferred supplier to leading UK brands assisted and guided UK businesses large and small on the best use of government funds…
Alison Spratley
August 31, 2022

Train the Training Dept

#FunSquad here’s a short course that both beginners and seniors will benefit from. Join the upcoming open group online. More info and enquiries #leadershipandmanagement #reachyourfullpotential The Education and Skills Partnership Ltd
Alison Spratley
August 5, 2022