Short Professional Development Courses

One part of our commercial course offering is our Short Professional Development courses. Sometimes the most efficient solution is a short, high impact piece of training. Our short programmes range from 90 minutes to a full day of training on areas of leadership & management. Additionally, Get underway quickly, limit the downtime of your team, train for what you want and nothing that don’t. Added to this, Some are CPD accredited.

  • Pick from a suite of subjects
  • Pick and mix subject areas
  • Training an individual or a team
  • Options of Virtual and formal classroom delivery

Endorsed Programmes

Another part to our commercial course offering are endorsed programmes. Often you and your team may want some formal recognition of your training. We work with you to design a learning programme for your team and have it recognised by the Institute of Leadership & Management. Furthermore, this provides a certificate from the Institute for your team members once the programme is complete. Each programme has a notional level attached to it based on the content and the challenge.

Therefore, we can focus exactly to your development needs and towards your business objectives. Additionally, we develop programmes of learning for your team which are highly focused towards your development goals and linked to your operational objectives.

  • Focused only on what you need
  • Embedded into your business
  • Recognises achievement
  • Simple and quick to be endorsed
  • Build your own “house” programme


Additionally, another section to our commercial course offering are the qualifications you can achieve. For some needs, only the rigour of full externally accredited qualifications will meet the need. These longer programmes encourage greater reflection and development. Also, they are measured against a carefully quality assured standard. Passing provides kudos for both the learner and the business. Added to this, Qualifications in the UK are well recognised respected throughout the world. Above all else, Investing in yourself or your team to provide them with qualifications often had benefits beyond the developmental learning. Additionally, companies who make this investment often:

  • See greater loyalty
  • Lower turnover of staff
  • Use it as a recruitment benefit
  • See greater development of behaviours and embedding
  • More positive responses to change.

Furthermore, Learners taking qualifications often find the reflective cycle of learning and the regular feedback developmental in areas such as, communication skills, critical thinking, analysis and evaluation.

ILM or Chartered Management Institute

As part of the commercial course offering we work closely with leading institutes. However, we appreciate that some industries naturally lean toward a qualification route. Therefore, we maintain relationships with both of the key organisations awarding qualifications in this arena to allow our clients an unbiased choice.

The Education and Skills Partnership Ltd having a relationship with both organisations means that you benefit from:

  • Extensive research material on the latest trends and thinking
  • A wide variety of additional learning resources
  • Access to a large online learning platform
  • Extensive choice of routes and qualifications to ensure the correct solution.
  • Confidence in the quality of delivery and assessment

Bespoke Delivery

We understand that one size does not fit all, therefore another part of our commercial offering is the bespoke delivery. Therefore, If what we are offering isn’t exactly what you need, then talk to us. Moreover, We will design a solution to suit your needs.

Additionally, we can offer a simple bespoke intervention through to a full managed service where our team are embedded into your learning & development team to co-ordinate and administer a whole service delivery.

How we work with you

Nevertheless, before we engage with learners we work with your teams to understand where you are going and what role your people have in getting you there. Subsequently, we look to understand your environment, its constraints and opportunities before confirming solutions.

Moreover, we capture your intended outcomes at this stage to allow both of us to assess the return on investment. These outcomes are published to delivery teams to ensure everyone involved is aligned to the project goals and that training is linked to the desired outcomes.

Most importantly, Once the solutions are confirmed we operate a three phase process, managed by your account manager to give your project the best chance of success

Lastly, our account manager works with your team to spread positive messages about the project and the opportunities. They conduct information sessions and interviews with potential learners, line managers and mentors to ensure, clarity and confidence in the program.


We work with learners through Initial advice and guidance and during the training period to ensure learners see the relevance and remain motivated. However, our teams performance manage through robust learner feedback and quality assurance processes to ensure training is reaches the highest standards.


When the technical training is done we ensure that assessments and projects align well with the overall project aims and support desired outcomes. Additionally, Our mentoring and coaching processes build the learners towards end point assessment and embed the learning in the everyday practice of the business.

Educate & Excite

In conclusion, at the end of the process we capture the movement towards (or in excess of) the desired goals to help you assess the return on investment.

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