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Learning and Development Practitioner (Level 3)

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Learning and Development Practitioner (Level 3)


This Learning and Development Practitioner Level 3 programme is ideal for those responsible for the learning and development of staff within their organisation. Learning and Development Practitioners are typically involved with identifying learning and training needs, designing and sourcing training and learning solutions, delivering and evaluating training. The apprenticeship will provide apprentices with the theories that underpin effective adult and work-based learning, learning delivery channels and how to identify and analyse learning needs and design the necessary training and resources.

Typically Learning and Development Practitioners will have expertise and competence in their specific field whether that be technical, vocational or behavioural (e.g. retail and sales, manufacturing and supply chains, use of software, food preparation, working in teams). Learning and Development Practitioners are future oriented, understand the business context and culture and has a good grounding in training and learning cycles. The Learning and Development Practitioner will support the achievement of business objectives and improve performance at all levels.


Who is it for?

This Learning and Development Practitioner Level 3 apprenticeship is suitable for newly appointed staff to a learning and development role, as well as existing learning and development employee who need significant new knowledge and skills. This apprenticeship is designed for apprentices working in any industry sector who are occupied for a significant proportion of their working role in a learning and development role and whom identify, create and deliver training to meet the needs of its business and its employees. Apprentices in this role will gain a broad range of knowledge and skills that contribute to and influence improved performance in the workplace at an individual, team and organisational level.

  • Learning and Development Coordinator
  • Communication and Learning Coordinator
  • Junior Learning Technologist
  • Learning & Organisational Development Officer

What are the benefits?

Employer Benefits

  • Enhances the skills of existing staff
  • Links learning and development activity within areas of responsibility to business objectives and performance
  • Apprentices will demonstrate a range of excellent skills including designing, delivering and evaluating effective training and development within the workplace
  • Creates a culture that better equips people and teams to succeed
  • Helps to build self-belief in employees
  • Provides support for staff to better deal with change
  • Development of a continuous professional development culture
  • Enhances reputation, provides customer reassurance by investing in trained staff
  • Brings latest knowledge and best practice into the business
  • Apprentices develop the critical skills demanded by employers
  • Development of internal capability to deliver business objectives on a ongoing and sustainable basis
  • Development of workplace problem solving skills

Apprentice Benefits

  • Progression to higher qualifications
  • Gain skills from an industry driven approach
  • Applies learnt theories and models to practical situations within the workplace
  • Provides individuals with additional core knowledge. skills, techniques and tools to be more successful in undertaking their role
  • Apprentices will be able to identify individual needs and design training and development sessions to support business objectives
  • Apprentices will be able to share their knowledge and replicate best practice
  • Improve apprentices knowledge and skills including knowledge around theories and models that underpin effective adult learning and group behaviour
  • Develops apprentices confidence and communication skills, as well as an interest in new ideas and techniques for self development as well as that of others
  • Develop and demonstrate a range of transferable skills and professional behaviours and attributes in the work environment

How is the course delivered?

An essential element of the ESP delivery model is to ensure you are supported at each stage in your journey to enable you to fully succeed.

Learners will be supported by learning and skills coaches who are
experts in their field, working closely with employers to ensure learners
gain the skills, knowledge and behaviours to demonstrate competency
as a Learning and Development Practitioner.

Our learning coaches will:

    • Deliver online and face-to-face workshops
    • They will cover the knowledge need for each module through interactive and informative sessions
    • They will help plan independent learning activities
    • They will provide one to one coaching via telephone, in the workplace or via virtual mediums like Teams
    • They will provide feedback on written assignments and evidence submitted
    • they will support you with preparation for end point assessment

How long is the course?

The Learning and Development Practitioner Level 3 course is delivered via a mixture of face to face and online workshops, webinars, coaching sessions and work-place learning.

Depending on individual needs of the apprentice, learning modules include:

  • The effective Learning and Development practitioner
  • Learning and Development and the organisation
  • Identifying Learning and Development needs
  • Design and delivery of Learning and Development
  • Evaluating Learning and Development
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Assessing Learning and Development

A typical programme maybe broken down in to the following elements:

  • 10 x 6-hour workshops to cover knowledge elements of the standard (may include face to face and online workshop delivery)
  • 2 x skills development workshops and workplace activities
  • 3 x 4-hour EPA preparation workshops
  • 6 x 1-hour virtual coaching sessions
  • 6 x 1 ½ hour Reviews
  • Completion of assignments and work-related projects
  • Completion of a record of continuing professional development (Learning Journal)
  • Completion of online learning modules as part of off the job activities
  • Development of maths and English through our online learning platform, with the support of the LSC (if required)


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