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Supply Chain Practitioner (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) (Level 3)

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Supply Chain Practitioner (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) (Level 3)


Supply Chain is at the heart of every business – it is a system of organisations, people, activities, information and resources involved in moving products or services from supplier to customer. It may include the transformation of natural resources, raw materials and components into a finished product.

A Supply Chain Practitioner (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Level 3 Organises and coordinates a network of interconnected businesses in the provision of goods and services to the end customer. Supply Chain Practitioners will work in one or more supply chain functions.

Typical duties include forecasting customer demand, liaising with the factories schedule production, processing orders and working with hauliers and distribution centres. They have a comprehensive understanding of the entire supply chain and strive to deliver the best value for their business and customer.


Who is it for?

This Supply Chain Practitioner (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Level 3 qualification is designed for apprentices who are looking to learn
and apply their skills in a supply chain practitioner role in a fast
moving consumer goods environment.
The Supply Chain Practitioner is suitable for individuals wanting to
progress from operational roles into middle management, and then
the leadership and strategic capabilities to move into more senior
roles. You will gain a broad knowledge of the supply chain and learn
the skills to contribute to our continuous improvement culture.

  • Logistics Team Leader
  • Warehouse Supervisor
  • Demand Planner
  • Supply Planner
  • Assistant Transport Planner
  • Logistics Customer Service Operative

What are the benefits?

Employer Benefits

  • Development of workplace problem solving skills
  • Brings latest knowledge and best practice into the business
  • Apprentices develop the critical skills demanded by employers
  • Apprentice develops good communication and good customer service skills
  • Supports the development of an efficient workforce, improving planning skills
  • The standard created by experts, for business practitioners, provides a great framework to build a stronger, more confident workforce equipped with practical supply chain
  • Enhances reputation, provides customer reassurance by investing in trained staff
  • Responsiveness to change, demonstrates and encourages curiosity to foster new ways of thinking and working to ensure economic benefits are maximised
  • Raises employee awareness of advanced logistics, procurement and supply chain practices
  • Leads to the creation/development of Standard Operating Procedures within the organisation to ensure improvements around the business

Apprentice Benefits

  • Gain skills from an industry driven approach
  • Progression to higher qualifications
  • Provides individuals with additional core knowledge, skills, techniques and tools to be more successful in undertaking their role
  • Improve apprentices knowledge and capability to manage and plan supply chains within an overall business
  • Develops an individual’s ability to undertake planning of routes and jobs ensuring efficiencies
  • Develops an individual’s knowledge, skills and ability in inventory, forecast accuracy, plan attainment, customer service, vehicle utilisation
  • Develops apprentice’s confidence and communication skills
  • Develop and demonstrate a range of transferable skills and professional behaviours and attributes in the work environment
  • Applies learnt theories and models to practical situations within the workplace
  • Gain knowledge and understanding in how to meet organisational KPIs and goals

How is the course delivered?

An essential element of the ESP delivery model is to ensure you are supported at each stage in your journey to enable you to fully succeed.

You will be taught by learning and skills coaches who are experts in their field with significant practical experience. All learning and skills coaches are well qualified with management experience, with many in senior positions.

Our learning coaches will:

    • Deliver online and face-to-face workshops
    • They will cover the knowledge need for each module through interactive and informative sessions
    • They will help plan independent learning activities
    • They will provide one to one coaching via telephone, in the workplace or via virtual mediums like Teams
    • They will provide feedback on written assignments and evidence submitted
    • they will support you with preparation for end point assessment

How long is the course?

The Supply Chain Practitioner (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Level 3 course is delivered via a mixture of face to face and online workshops, webinars, coaching sessions and work-place learning.

A typical Supply Chain Practitioner (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Level 3 programme maybe broken down in to the following elements:

  • 15 x 6-hour workshops to cover knowledge elements of the standard (may include face to face and online workshop delivery)
  • 4 x skills development workshops and workplace activities
  • 3 x 4-hour EPA preparation workshops
  • 9 x 1-hour virtual coaching sessions
  • 10 x 1 ½ hour Reviews
  • Development of portfolio evidence and assessment completion
  • Development of work-based project
  • Completion of online learning modules as part of off the job activities

Supply Chain Practitioner (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Level 3 – Course duration 24-30 months plus EPA


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