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Level 3 Managing Change Unit – Online Course

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Level 3 Managing Change Unit – Online Course


This is a focused single unit from the ILM leadership and Management suite of courses. The course lays out the basics of managing change in terms of the human side and the operational side. It is designed to support those who are engaging in workplace change to manage effectively and with confidence.

Benefits for delegates

  • Focused on practical application in the workplace
  • Short timescale to achievement allows delegates to progress and develop abilities quickly
  • Blended delivery ideal for remote working·
  • Network with and learn from other organisations
  • Registered as a student learner with ILM

How is it assessed

The course assessment is by work based report. This report covers the process and plans you put in place to manage change with the team.  The assessment is very practical.

Reports are

  • Focused around your work context, or one with which you are familiar
  • Submitted electronically to your tutor
  • Marked and returned with detailed feedback against the assessment criteria within two weeks of submission.
    • If you don not pass all sections you will be given advice on how to improve your submission.
    • You will only need to rework those sections.

Is it right for me?

  • I am leading or supervising a team
  • Change is imminent in the workplace
  • I would like a formal recognition of my skills.

What will I learn

  • How people react differently to change and how to identify their readiness
  • Simple frameworks for change that support you in the workplace
  • What teams need in times of change from their leaders

How is it delivered

The course blends online group delivery with virtual learning, reflective activities to embed learning and tutorial support.

  • 3 x 1.5 hr online group workshops
  • Bespoke electronic reference books focused on the key content and further learning
  • Support via Virtual learning environment

Trainer Led Online workshops

These are 90 mins each and focus on the key content. They are designed to promote discussion and sharing of experience. They are led by highly experienced industry trainers and are designed for high levels of engagement and analysis.

You can

  • Talk with other learners by voice and text
  • Use breakout rooms for discussion
  • Ask questions as you go either by voice or text
  • Review recorded sessions to catch up
  • Collaborate on questions and learn from the experiences of others.


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