CON9 Costing a Small Repair Job

Small repair jobs can be an important part of the workload for a builder or handy person. Small
jobs like mending a door or fixing a gate don’t take you much time but can help you to make
money, so it is important that you learn how to cost these jobs properly. Once you have given the
customer a quote, they will then decide if they want you to do the job or not. The customer will
expect your quote to explain every part of the repair job. This should include costs of all parts and
fixings as well as the cost of your time that will be needed to complete the job. They will also
expect the price of your quote to be presented clearly and professionally.
This unit will help you to start developing the skills needed to cost a small repair job. You will
consider what repairs need to be made and what you need to do in order to make them. You will
learn how to prepare a quote for the customer that gives all the information they need to make a
The transferable and sector skills you develop in this unit can enable you to progress to further
learning. They will also support you in completing the core skills units in Group A of the

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