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Retail Manager (Level 4)

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Retail Manager (Level 4)


The Retail Manager Level 4 apprenticeship has been developed by retailers to ensure managers working in a Retail environment are gaining the skills and knowledge needed within a Retail setting; this apprenticeship is for anyone aspiring to lead a larger retail team and other managers.  Retail managers are responsible for delivering sales targets and a positive experience to customers encouraging repeat custom and loyalty to the business. They lead and develop teams to achieve objectives and work with a wide range of people whilst maximising income and minimising wastage; individuals will develop a sound understanding of business and people management principles which are essential to the job.

Who is it for?

The Retail Manager Level 4 standard is suitable for staff in a management position within a retail setting. It is suitable for managers who are looking to progress into more senior positions such as senior retail managers or area managers.

  • Retail Store Manager
  • Senior Store Manager
  • Area Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Department Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Duty Manager

What are the benefits?

Employer Benefits

  • Improves employee retention
  • Provides opportunities to implement improvement projects
  • Focuses on improving business performance and enhancing employee’s skillsets
  • Development of workplace problem solving skills
  • Gains essential knowledge of models and theories of Management to ensure teams achieves organisational objectives
  • Retail leaders with relevant knowledge, skills & behaviours to develop  their teams and drive business results
  • Develops apprentices to bring the latest knowledge and practice into the workplace immediately, benefiting the wider team
  • Rapid improvements within your employee’s performance, productivity and behaviours which benefit your organisation’s services
  • Retail leaders with relevant knowledge, skills & behaviours to develop their teams and drive

Apprentice Benefits

  • Develop excellent customer and industry relevant knowledge, skills and behaviours
  • Gain significant improvements in a wide range of leadership techniques
  • Gain better understanding of external factors and use this to increase revenue
  • A broad understanding of key management and leadership theory that underpin and supports growth and performance
  • Improves ability to encourage team development through effective coaching training and guidance
  • The leadership capability to motivate teams and influence with confidence
  • Boost your workplace problem solving skills
  • Improve project management skills to implement improvement projects within workplace
  • Progression to higher qualifications
  • Develops confidence to implement change within organisations
  • Will gain skills and knowledge to help drive better results

How is the course delivered?

An essential element of the ESP delivery model is to ensure you are supported at each stage in your journey to enable you to fully succeed.

You will be taught by Learning and Skills Coaches who are experts in their field with significant practical experience. All learning and skills coaches are well qualified with management experience.

Our learning coaches will:

    • Deliver online and face-to-face workshops
    • They will cover the knowledge need for each module through interactive and informative sessions
    • They will help plan independent learning activities
    • They will provide one to one coaching via telephone, in the workplace or via virtual mediums like Teams
    • They will provide feedback on written assignments and evidence submitted
    • they will support you with preparation for end point assessment

How long is the course?

The Retail Manager Level 4 course is delivered via a mixture of face to face and online workshops, webinars, coaching sessions and work-place learning.

A typical programme maybe broken down in to the following elements:

  • 10 x 6 hour workshops to cover knowledge elements of the standard (may include face to face and online workshop delivery)
  • 2 x 4 hour EPA preparation and mock assessment workshops
  • 6 x 1 hour online coaching sessions
  • 10 x 1½ hour reviews
  • Completion of Business Improvement Project
  • Development of a portfolio to demonstrate of evidence of skills development including reports, personal development plans, performance reviews, evidence of tasks undertaken, demonstrations and presentations
  • Observations recorded and completed by ESP
  • Continuing Professional Development Log to be kept and maintained as part of the Portfolio of evidence
  • Ongoing professional discussions between apprentice and ESP relating to projects and learning activities
  • Feedback from line manager, direct reports and peers including 180/360 degree feedback approaches
  • Regular performance reviews carried out by the employer
  • Completion of online learning modules as part of the off the job activities

Retail Manager Level 4 Course duration 15-18 months plus EPA


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