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P3.express is a minimalist, practical project management system that is used in a wide range of large and small projects all over the world. The system is designed to be easy to learn, easy to use, and quick to implement.

The P3.express cyclic diagram, showing a red dot circling through each stage of the P3.express process. From project initiation, monthly initiation, weekly and daily management, project closure, and post-project management.

ESP is the first provider in the UK to gain centre accreditation to train P3.express users, and to support the attainment of the P3.express Practitioner qualification.

ESP are proud to offer this training and qualification to employers and individual professionals in the UK and beyond, supporting them in delivering effective project management in an ever changing world.

P3.express uses a cyclical system to make the activities simpler and more regular. There are monthly, weekly, and daily cycles, each of which focused on one aspect of management activities. 

Each of the 33 activities has a simple description with a clear purpose and output; those include interesting activities such as peer-reviews and various types of focused communication.

In preparation for the delivery cycles, there’s a project initiation activity group run at the beginning, and a project closure group at the end. Finally, there’s a post-project management group: a cycle run after the project is finished, to apply lessons learned to help organisations open up further opportunities for beneficial change.

After attending the P3.express workshops, you can take the exam to become a certified P3.express Practitioner. This exam is focused on your understanding of how to apply the principles of the P3.express system to your projects.

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