Veteran Support

We recognise it can be tough coming out of active service and developing another career.

Veteran Support Group

Developed throughout their career, veterans and reservists bring a vast number of transferable skills and qualities to the civilian workplace. 

Recognising that it can be tough coming out of active service and developing another career, ESP established its Veterans Support Group service.  

ESP is a forces friendly employer. More than 27% of our staff, are either reservists, veterans’, or spouses of active service personnel. Each one is an integral part of our business, and all have been instrumental in pulling this new service together. 

Services offered include:  

  • Skills matching to develop individual growth plans 
  • CV writing 
  • Job shadowing 
  • Identifying potential courses to enhance skills 
  • Discussions on funding eligibility (Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme ' ELCAS') 
  • Aftercare support to actual job placement.  
  • All the time being mentored by ex-military and reservist ESP staff members. 

Over and above the ELCAS discounts for ex-military personnel, ESP offers 20% discount on all its courses not only to ex-military personnel but also to their families.  

For further details contact ESP’s Veteran Support Group on 01233 632 111 or email 

Armed Forces Covenant

ESP is recognised for its commitment to the Armed Forces community through the Ministry of Defence’s Silver Employer Recognition Scheme award. 

We at ESP recognise the value Serving Personnel, both Regular and Reservists, Veterans and military families contribute to our business, our country and have committed to honour the Armed Forces Covenant and support the Armed Forces Community.  

What is ELCAS?

Making the transition from the Armed Forces into civilian life can be challenging.  

The Enhanced Leaning Credits Service (ELCAS) is designed to help those who served, or are still serving make that transition easier, by providing financial support towards a recognised qualification. The scheme is managed by ELCAS.

Contact our Veteran Group Services who offer guidance on ELCAS, ESP additional 20% discount offering and options on relevant and suitable courses.

Your ELC entitlements

You will accrue learning credits - £1,000 after four years of service and £2,000 after eight years of service - that you can use whilst you are still serving, and up to ten years after finishing your service towards a recognised qualification.  

You can make up to three claims against your credits, but you can only claim once per calendar year.  

ELCAS funding is only available for courses that will lead to a level 3 NVQ or higher and are recognised qualifications on the National Qualification Framework.  

You must be registered and have accrued sufficient service before submitting your claim.  

How to claim

To access your ELC funding against one of our qualifications, you must complete the ELC claim form on the ELCAS website quoting the following references:  

Provider Name: The Education and Skills Partnership Ltd

Provider ID Code: 11388  

Once approved, you will receive a Claim Authorisation Note (CAN). Please send a copy of this to us when you enrol in one of our courses and complete any outstanding payment. 

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