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Alison Spratley
October 11, 2022

People want opportunities to move up and around into different teams and projects.


Learning and Development leaders therefore need to align their focus to the business priorities e.g. career mobility, employee retention, skills and behaviours and measure progress towards those goals.

We have experience working in employers, to develop corporate learning strategies that are aligned to business priorities.

Employers and employees should take advantage of funded training programmes that are available including:

Catering to the needs of our learners and employers, we have provided learning opportunities in the form of open groups – this way individuals get to meet other like minded individuals from other companies on the same course.
We still deliver coaching to in-house groups of learners from the same company.
Give one of our team members a call, on 01233 632 111,  or simply click on any of the above courses to get more information on the subject contents, delivery methods, and to ask about availability for the next upcoming course dates.


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