Transferring apprenticeships – how and when?

November 11, 2022

What happens when you’ve made great progress in your apprenticeship programme, but you change employer? Whatever the reason for your change, don’t worry, you can transfer your apprenticeship to another employer. Although it might be a challenge, it can be done, and you need to work with your employer and your training provider to ensure your transfer goes smoothly. 

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What should you consider when thinking about transferring your apprenticeship? 

So, the good news is that you can start a new job but still continue on the same apprenticeship course. While that means you don’t need to worry about losing all your hard work and progress and can continue your course at your new job, there are a few considerations.  

Your training provider will need to agree that your new employer is acceptable. Your new job will also have to be on the same career path. If you change career, you won’t be able to transfer your existing apprenticeship.  

It’s a good idea to discuss transferring your apprenticeship with potential employers during the interview process so you can make your decision based on which company is willing to devote the resources needed for your development. Committing to supporting your apprenticeship is a good sign that the company’s culture is right for you. And there’s no reason why bringing an apprenticeship with you should be seen as a bad thing. It presents your new employer with the opportunity to support your career and skill development which will in turn help their business grow. And of course, it’s also supported by the apprenticeship levy. 


Is transferring your apprenticeship right for you? 

Transferring your apprenticeship is a big decision. Think about your studies and how disrupted these would be by changing employer and going through the process of transferring your course. If the problem with your current workplace can be resolved, consider this first. You might also consider making changes to your current apprenticeship with your employer to make it suit your needs. Remember, your employer will need to approve any changes.  

On the other hand, an apprenticeship is meant to help you gain experience and knowledge in your chosen profession. If you find a new job that works better for you, go for it. Continuing your apprenticeship with your new employer will only help with your career progression. 


What if you want to change your career path? 

Remember, if you want to completely change your career path, you won’t be able to transfer your apprenticeship. If you want to choose a new apprenticeship course, or even change which level apprenticeship you are working on, this requires you to formally end your apprenticeship and reapply for a new one.  


What scenarios might you need to change or transfer your apprenticeship? 

An apprenticeship agreement is not actually an employment contract – it’s a teaching contract. Because of this, the legal conditions for terminating an apprenticeship are handled a bit differently. There are a number of reasons why you might need to transfer your apprenticeship to a new employer. Changing employers as an apprentice is a slightly more complicated process, compared to a regular contracted worker, but it is absolutely possible.  

Once you have decided to leave your job and move to a new employer, you must ensure that your training provider liaises immediately with your new employer to confirm that they are committed to your apprenticeship. They will be asked, along with yourself to review and sign the apprenticeship agreement and the new training plan. 

Once you have left, your previous employer will then add a ‘stop date’ into their apprenticeship service account which ends their commitment from that point. Your new employer will need to set you up as an apprentice on their apprenticeship service account and add the training provider with the date of commencement.   

For those who are unfortunately fired or made redundant in the middle of your apprenticeship, contact your learning provider right away. In some cases, they might be able to assist you with finding a new path. 

On a positive note, if your employer offers you a different role within the company, you can take your apprenticeship programme with you. Remember to check with your training provider to ensure you can take your current off-the-job training plan along with you, or work together to update your plan.  


Can you continue your apprenticeship without an employer? 

If for some reason you lose your job and are unable to secure new employment, you do have the option to continue your studies. You will have to pay for the remaining training on your own as you won’t have an employer to cover it for you. Get in touch with your training provider to confirm whether you’re eligible to continue your studies and what your options are.  


What if you need to take a break from your apprenticeship learning? 

Remember, if changing jobs means you take more than 4 weeks away from your apprenticeship learning, you will need to record this as a break in learning in your personalised learner record. You and your employer should also speak to your learning provider. 


How can your training provider help you transfer your apprenticeship? 

It’s important to get in touch with your training provider as early as possible once you’ve made the decision to transfer your apprenticeship. Once you start with your new employer, together you’ll need to work with your training provider to review your existing training plan to align it with your new role or secure a new apprenticeship.  


How we can help?

The Education Skills and Partnership team is passionate about learning and development. We work with employers and employees alike to design a programme that fits the needs of both parties.  

Our learning and skills coaches are highly skilled and well-qualified in what they do. What’s most important to us is that our apprentices feel cared for and listened to and that our courses help them fulfil their potential, progress in their profession, and meet their individual career development goals.  

To discuss how we can support you during the transfer process, get in touch with our team for a free consultation. 


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