Why it’s no longer just optional to prioritise learning and skill building in your business

January 20, 2023

Investing in your workforce is priceless for any business. There is a skills shortage across almost every industry, and companies need to adapt quickly to the problem if they want to stay in business.

To stay ahead, many organisations are re-evaluating how they can attract and retain people with relevant work skills at every level of the business. It’s now no longer optional for business leaders to prioritise learning and skill building for their workforce if they wish to succeed. It’s essential.

That’s where apprenticeships come in.

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Ready or not – change is coming

If you don’t think that investing in upskilling and reskilling your employees, for example through apprenticeships, is a strategic priority, then think again.

According to the Office for National Statistics, approximately 1.5 million jobs in England are at risk of automation, especially those in low-skilled occupations. Especially after the pandemic, which seemed to accelerate these changes, it’s crucial that you’re able to recruit and retain a skilled workforce. The good news is that technological advances and new ways of working are predicted to create just as many jobs as they displace over the next decade or so. So why is it that only a small portion of people who are at risk for job displacement receive training in order to overcome this?

Well, for one thing, recruiting people who are willing and able to learn and develop their skills is a challenge. And building an apprenticeship programme can be a daunting task to face for any employer. But it’s important to remember how important happy and skilled workers are for your business. Your employees should have the ability to train for their current roles as well as for any role within the company they might be interested in in the future. If you’re concerned about expenses or how to scale up the operation, make use of your apprenticeship levy to set up training academies.

The term the great resignation was coined in 2021 to describe the number of people leaving their jobs following the pandemic. PwC’s Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2022 suggests this could continue into 2023 and businesses need to pay close attention to their workers and support them to fulfil their potential at work.


Apprenticeship programmes help workers develop their skillsets

While all industries are struggling in the face of staff shortages and economic gaps, apprenticeships are an easy and effective way to recruit and retain a highly skilled workforce, ultimately benefiting your business’ bottom line. Data from Gov.uk supports this, with 86% of employers reporting that apprenticeship programmes enabled them to provide training to their employees that helped develop skills relevant to their company.

Follow the lead of industry leaders like BT, Severn Trent, Amazon, and other retail giants who have already become employer providers, taking advantage of available employability funding and maximising their apprenticeship levy.


What makes an apprenticeship programme essential to your business?

From increased employee satisfaction to improved retention rates, apprenticeship programmes are a sure-fire way to ensure your business stays successful. Because happy employees equal more productive employees, which in turn yields better results for you.


Apprenticeships help to improve retention rates

Appealing to and securing quality workers for your business is all well and good, but if you can’t keep the talent you have, then what good is that? The Department for Education’s Apprenticeship Evaluation found that most employers who offered apprenticeship programmes reported improvements in retention rates, engagement, morale, and the ability to attract quality staff.

As apprentices are highly likely to stay at the company that supported them through their apprenticeship, apprenticeship programmes are an excellent way to reduce turnover. Apprenticeships are structured in such a way that helps to progress an apprentice’s career and increase their confidence which in turn leads to job satisfaction.


Build long-term success

As business leaders, you will always want to find a way to better way to deliver long-term success. Apprenticeship programmes – at all apprenticeship levels – provide businesses with skilled workers. These programmes not only ensure your employees are equipped with the skills they need to survive in the early days of their careers, but also provide them with the ability to thrive in the company long-term. It’s well-established that the growth and success of any business relies heavily on its employees, and providing the opportunity for people to attain the skills needed for your company can ultimately lead to futureproofing your business.

Plus, bespoke, on-the-job training will let your employees apply their skills and knowledge right from the start of the apprenticeship. Over the course of their programme, employees become even more valuable as they apply their newly learned skills in their work which will bring value to the business.


Upskill your existing workforce

Apprenticeship programmes aren’t just for new employees – your existing staff can take advantage of the opportunities an apprenticeship programme presents. You can find or develop training that facilitates career progression within your company, creating a sense of loyalty and pride as an employee gains the knowledge and skills they need to advance to the next level within the organisation.


Don’t get left behind

Apprenticeship programmes are developed by industry leaders in every sector so you can be sure that the skills, knowledge, and ways of doing things are catered to the needs of your business. Employees gain the most up to date knowledge and bring best practice back to their teams, allowing other members of your organisation to benefit from the training your apprentices get.


How The Education and Skills Partnership can help

Your business faces unique talent challenges, so getting a bespoke solution that is designed to suit your business and apprentices is the only way to ensure you have a training programme that delivers the results you want.

We’ll do all the heavy lifting to enrol and onboard your new or current staff members and will deliver engaging and compelling programmes to each and every learner. Not to mention, we have proven experience of working in collaboration with employers to manage the day-to-day delivery and administration of such large-scale programmes.

To learn more about how we can support you, contact a member of our team for a free consultation. 


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