Is your team ready to deliver that project?

March 27, 2023

Whether your business is small or large, new or established, you will undoubtedly have a list of projects you need to deliver to succeed. Whether you are a business owner, manager, or responsible for overseeing projects, it’s time to get your team ready to step up and deliver those projects.  

If you’re not familiar with everything involved in delivering a major (or minor) project, you may need a little help. You might think that anyone can dive into a project, but the truth is that this essential business function can be tricky if you don’t have the knowledge and skills to simplify the project process. But fear not, this knowledge and understanding can be easily learned. In fact, there are whole courses and certifications offered for people who wish to specialise in the field.  

Projects are ‘instruments of change’, they take you from one state to another state.  Sometimes the changes are desired and aspirational, but sometimes they are forced upon us due to circumstances.  Either way, change requires management, and structured changes can be effectively managed by – projects. 

There are many project management systems you can follow; but at The Education and Skills Partnership, we highly recommend – a practical, minimalist  project management system. One of the most affordable and efficient ways to upskill your team is through a short course which you can complete in just a few days. And once you become a certified Practitioner, you can quickly implement this process and get your projects on track. 

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So, why is project management important? 

Firstly, let’s consider the reason you need to manage your projects – rather than let them run freely. Project management is important because it helps to get all members of the team on the same page and working towards the same goal. You can set objectives of what needs to be delivered, by when, and if applicable, for how much. A project management system can apply to internal projects – like implementation of new staff services – but also to external projects – such as launching new products or delivering services to clients. 

So often time and money are wasted focusing on the wrong things or missing something important because the team is not following a comprehensive project process. Following a simple method from project initiation, through monthly initiation, daily and weekly management and all the way to project completion and post-project management, really focuses you and your team on working on the right things. 

You might also want to use simple project management tools to support your project process and allow you to hit all the essential functions of managing a project – from planning, scheduling, and time management to resource and budget management and allocation. It will facilitate communication and collaboration with your team and clients and can store all relevant documents in one place. Whatever tool you end up using should be easy and intuitive and make your job as project manager easier. 

Become a certified Practitioner  

With the right skills and knowledge, project management can be easy and fun – we promise!  

If you’re looking for an innovative and easy-to-use process to follow, then look no further than is an intuitive and clear framework for project management that takes you through each cycle of a project. Its simple approach is easy to learn and use, perfect for project management novices but sophisticated enough that even experts are impressed. 


Search the course dates available for your team to take part in. 


How can help you reach your business goals is a minimalist project management framework developed in Europe, receiving the support of the European Union in 2020, just four years after its founding. Now, specialists all around the world help develop the framework. The certification for is relatively new, and already it’s the chosen project management process of choice for many companies. 

While managing a project can seem complicated and a bit of a minefield, simplifies the process and allows the project manager to steer their team successfully through the programme. It’s a simple, focused way to help tackle your business’ projects.  

To make activities simpler and more regular, employs a cyclical system with monthly, weekly, and daily cycles, each focused on specific management activities. Additionally, there is a project initiation activity group run at the beginning and a project closure group at the end. After your project is finished, there is also a post-project management group to analyse the results and gather lessons learned. You’ll be confident in your project every step of the way if you use this system effectively.  


“ is a 3–5-day course that takes challenging projects and puts them into clear simple steps, enabling me and my clients to keep an eye on all tasks. It’s also very easy to grasp and takes into account every team member’s output and deadline along the way. Overall, the course was very enjoyable, and very effective. meets the outputs and requirements I was looking for myself and my clients. Highly recommended.” 
Trevor Garden, CEO, South Africa 

Great project management is so much more than ticking boxes and moving things along. It helps you deliver on time and within budget and project scope. It  builds team culture and is a great way to connect and communicate with clients and other stakeholders. It allows you to create a vision for a successful project, get all members on board with what’s needed to stay on track for success. 

Learn how to stay in control of your project progress and make project planning, resource management, and reporting faster and easier. With more and more people accidentally or unintentionally becoming project managers, effective project management is now easily accessible, so if you are in need of a practical and affordable solution to help launch or manage your projects, consider becoming a certified Practitioner.  


Interested in learning more? 

While of course there are many ways to learn about, including the official manual and an interactive eLearning course to learn more about, you can also learn through instructor-led classes. 

ESP is the first provider in the UK to gain centre accreditation to train users, and to support the attainment of the Practitioner qualification. We are proud to offer this training and qualification to employers and individual professionals in the UK and beyond, supporting them in delivering effective project management in an ever changing world.  

Our coaches and trainers are highly skilled and well qualified in what they do. Above all, ESP cares about each and every one of our learners and wants to see them fulfill their potential, progress and meet their individual career development goals. 


Contact us to get started on your certification journey.  

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