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July 28, 2023

You might have heard about a ‘skills shortage’ crisis on the news, related to various industries, with the challenges this presents employers and their customers. Quite often organisations approach The Education and Skills Partnership Ltd (ESP) to ask for help to bridge these skills gaps – and we gladly help. Through a range of training options, businesses upskill new and existing staff to take on the tough challenges ahead. You can read below to find out how.  

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Skills shortages in various industries 

ESP works closely with businesses across many industries and we’re hearing more and more about skills shortages in sectors including health and care, construction, IT, telecoms, retail and government. Through our experience, we understand the areas where businesses need help, and identify training to take advantage of transferable skills or fill gaps and build new ones.  

Health and social care

The shortage of skilled healthcare professionals, particularly in the NHS, has been a recurring concern in the national media – it seems to be a constant theme popping up. However, there are ways to build up the skills necessary to thrive in the healthcare field.

In fact, ESP has the expertise to provide training for the necessary functional skills (Maths and English to Level 2) that are a pre-requirement for any apprenticeship taken up by NHS staff.

NHS foundations and trusts nationally see the benefits of apprenticeships for team leaders, operations managers, business administrators and customer service front line staff. These apprenticeships can build leadership and management, and other skills at various levels of healthcare. ESP delivers these apprenticeships in partnership with the NHS, and tops this up with short courses for a quicker, alternative learning method.


The construction sector has a requirement for a specific set of skills, and it is an industry that is currently facing significant skills shortages. For example, the mandatory green CSCS card, without which you are not allowed on a construction site, ensures compliance with Health and Safety standards in a construction environment. There’s great training available for individuals in this industry, particularly in the Kent region, through short, and  refresher courses 

Contact us for more information about our one and two-day refresher courses. 

Larger employers might benefit from a Sector-based Workplace Academy Programme (SWAP), where a bespoke programme can be developed to train up individuals to meet employer needs before they even set foot on site. ESP supplies sector-based training for SWAPs for locally and nationally based companies in the Greater London, Greater Manchester, and Kent areas. 

IT and telecoms  

The rollout of the 5G network has created a high demand for skilled professionals in the IT and telecoms industries. ESP is the training Partner of Choice to the ITP (Institute of Telecommunications Professionals) and offers specialist courses and apprenticeships in telecoms, IT, and business leadership and management. Our partnership enables the ITP to not only assist members in the recruitment of individuals, but the added benefit of the training of these individuals to fulfil staff and project requirements. 

Our other partnerships with leading telecoms brands, including BT, Openreach, and Kier, enable us to provide tailored training to meet the industry’s evolving needs. We offer specialist apprenticeships as a Telecoms Field Operative, Network Cable Installer and Information and Communications Technician. If you want to get into IT, take a look at our Level 3 free course. 

We have also just recently rolled out in Scotland the SCQF Information Technology and Telecommunications Level 6 apprenticeship supporting the drive by local businesses to roll out the 5G network and infrastructure. 

Learning transferable skills 

Transferable skills are invaluable to both employees and employers. If you have to convince budget holders to invest in transferable skills, you need to convey the benefits.  


  • They enhance an individual’s capabilities, making them a versatile and adaptable employee who can play a crucial role in today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving job market 
  • They can help you build agile teams to achieve your business goals 
  • You can nurture the future leadership of your organisation,  without costly recruitment 
  • You can fill skills gaps across your organisation 

Transferable skills can come in all shapes and sizes, covering specialties like project management, leadership and management, customer service, team leadership, operations management, business administration, and coaching. Employees with transferable skills enhance their marketability, increase their career prospects, and gain the ability to navigate diverse work environments with confidence.  

Having these kinds of employees in an organisation fosters innovation, collaboration, and productivity. It’s clear why investing in the development of transferable skills should be a priority for both individuals and employers.  


Here are some ESP courses that can help employees develop transferable skills: 

For more information about these courses and how to fit them into your busy schedule, get in touch with us.  

What are the training routes to accessing new skills? 

Of course, if you need to convince leadership to invest in training, you should consider the different routes to access training. 

ESP offers apprenticeships in various sectors, allowing businesses to recruit and train individuals while meeting their specific industry requirements. Apprenticeships combine practical work experience with formal education, providing a valuable pathway for skill development. 

Our apprenticeship programmes are underpinned by a range of national accreditations, ensuring a vigorous approach to quality, standards and consistency. Our partnerships make it easy to for employers and employees to access quality training that meets industry standards and ensures the development of highly skilled professionals.  

As well as apprenticeships, you can access refresher courses, Level 1 to 5 short courses, free short courses and SWAPs. There are also bespoke government-backed initiatives aimed at young people or specific regions in the UK, which ESP supports.  

Find out more about course options available 

Available support and funding options 

To assist businesses in training their workforce, several support and funding options are available. 

There are various funding options, such as the Apprenticeship Levy and government-backed initiatives, that can provide financial support for businesses to invest in training their staff. ESP can provide guidance and assistance in accessing these funding opportunities. 

How can we help? 

The Education Skills and Partnership team is passionate about learning and development. We work with employers and employees alike to design a training and education programme that fits the needs of both parties.    

Our learning and skills coaches are highly skilled and well-qualified in what they do. What’s most important to us is that our learners feel cared for and listened to and that our courses help them fulfil their potential, progress in their profession, and meet their individual career development goals.   


To discuss how we can support you on your journey of developing transferable skills, get in touch with our team for a free consultation.  

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