Changes to apprenticeship rules and funding for employers

Some major apprenticeship rules and funding changes went into effect for the August 2022 to July 2023 year, published by the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).  Here we explain more about the updated rules and how…
October 4, 2022

Do your employees stay an average 5.4 years?

Employees who benefit from on-the-job training, stay twice as long as those that don’t. Upskill new and existing staff and retain your talent today. October open group start dates for assisted-funded training programmes: Associate Project Manager …
September 27, 2022

More distinctions from our apprenticeship team

At ESP we have a collective of experience, knowledge and skills, and our dedicated Learner & Skills Coaches are with you every step of the way.   And there’s proof to boot. Yet another two of…
September 8, 2022

Awarded Best SME in UK

Established just seven years ago, we have: doubled our growth been officially appointed as preferred supplier to leading UK brands assisted and guided UK businesses large and small on the best use of government funds…
August 31, 2022

Train the Training Dept

#FunSquad here’s a short course that both beginners and seniors will benefit from. Join the upcoming open group online. More info and enquiries #leadershipandmanagement #reachyourfullpotential The Education and Skills Partnership Ltd
August 5, 2022

TeamESP trains for the Commonwealth Games

TeamESP is super proud to have supported SNSG Ltd in training 114 new Spectator Stewards for the Commonwealth Games 2022 being held in Birmingham, England. Sending our well wishes to our own TeamESP on the ground,…
July 29, 2022

Marketplace moves in all directions

In the past two years, depending on your industry and in some instances, the size of your marketing budget (!), the marketplace has moved in all directions. What should be constant?  Staff. Coupled with skills…
July 21, 2022

PHX Gyms team up with ESP on Functional Skills

PHX Gyms has teamed up with ESP to offer FREE Functional Skills training in Maths & English during month of July 2022. If you start, complete, and pass the Functional Skills English AND Maths course…
July 5, 2022

Is your talent pool shrinking?

Skill shortages, skills gap – there is no better time for employers to upskill their own teams. New course start dates have been released for some of our featured leadership and management courses. Enrol your…
July 5, 2022

Picking up sticks?

If you or your management are constantly picking up the pieces at work, you’re not alone. We recently posted a news snippet that 50% of new managers fail in their first year because they are…
June 30, 2022